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Mark Fambert's Journal

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Sunday, May 1st, 2011
8:09 pm
Thank you random spammer for posting on an entry from about 2 years ago.

I hadn't even thought about this site in a long time.

I'm considering picking up where I left off so long ago!!!

Here we go...

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
11:44 pm
I'm back from Europe... Great times and good stories despite some major setbacks!

The only thing helping me to maintain my sanity at this point is the play:
*insert shameless plugging for show*

Main Entry: sib·i·lant
Pronunciation: \ˈsi-bə-lənt\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin sibilant-, sibilans, present participle of sibilare to hiss, whistle, of imitative origin
Date: 1669
: having, containing, or producing the sound of or a sound resembling that of the s or the sh in sash
— sib·i·lant·ly adverb

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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
12:00 am
I love those crazy Duggars!

"DR. STOCKMANN. ...Lack of oxygen weakens the conscience...." - An Enemy of the People, Henrik Ibsen

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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
12:09 am
A post-worthy anecdote from finals...

My last final was a Saturday final (of course). Considering how completely not into studying I was, I "really" started studying for that final the night before at like 1:30. (I also had to be out of the apartment on Saturday and thus was packing all that night before.)
When I first checked my clock early Saturday morning it was like 2:35 am. So I continued to study until the next time I checked my clock which was 3:14 am.
Being the great math student I am (ha!), I immediately read it as 3.14... you know, the decimal approximation of pi. I decided that it was a sign that I should stop studying. So I did.

I probably consequently failed the final b/c of it! Nah, he just hasn't posted the grades yet.

I'm ready to have the paper in my hand and on the wall...

Main Entry: bal·us·trade
Pronunciation: \ˈba-lə-ˌstrād\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Italian balaustrata, from balaustro
Date: 1644
1 : a row of balusters topped by a rail
2 : a low parapet or barrier
— bal·us·trad·ed \-ˌstrā-dəd\ adjective

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
11:05 pm - For Jordan...
Entry #5012:
"Kimi got a new haircut. It is wonderful..."

Accomplished three big things today:
1. Finished HP7 and thus the entire Harry Potter... series. I liked it. Knowing the general details of the ending of the book I didn't mind it as much. I wasn't planning on reading Beedle the Bard, but now I may if I come across it.
2. Presented our EXST 3201 final project, my last undergraduate grade, excluding finals.
3. Got my LSU ring. I wasn't too keen on getting one but now that I have it, I like it!

I love that there is exactly one week between my last day of class (tomorrow) and my first final!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
Book #4 --> 4/50 = 8%
759 pages --> 2469/15000 = 16.46%

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Monday, April 27th, 2009
12:25 pm - I was thinking/hoping I would get Tchaikovsky...
Again, for my music appreciation class...
Why can't all classes give homework like this?!?!

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Aleksandr Borodin.

Son of a 19th Century Russian prince and a...non-royal...mother, I went to medical school and became a biochemist. Most people, however, (and probably my twenty cats as well) agree that they'd trade all of my scientific discoveries for another set of "Polovetsian Dances."

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Main Entry: ob·fus·cate
Pronunciation: \ˈäb-fə-ˌskāt; äb-ˈfəs-ˌkāt, əb-\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ob·fus·cat·ed; ob·fus·cat·ing
Etymology: Late Latin obfuscatus, past participle of obfuscare, from Latin ob- in the way + fuscus dark brown — more at ob-, dusk
Date: 1577
transitive verb
1 a: darken b: to make obscure
2: confuse
intransitive verb
: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing
— ob·fus·ca·tion \ˌäb-(ˌ)fəs-ˈkā-shən\ noun
— ob·fus·ca·to·ry \äb-ˈfəs-kə-ˌtȯr-ē, əb-\ adjective

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12:04 am - the silence scares me cause it screams the truth...
I saw both The Soloist and Slumdog Millionaire last night.
The Soloist is a neat little film; Jamie Foxx was not as annoying as he could have been (I keep cutting to Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder: "You never go full retard..."), Robert Downey, Jr. was great, and the music sequences were really well done. I really like that director's style.
Slumdog... = love. I thought it was a great story told in an innovative way. And Bollywood musical numbers that run over the end credits are always welcome...

I have found crappy reality TV nirvana in "Daisy of Love." Words cannot describe how ridiculous this show is!!! I'm very sad to see the Swedish triplets go before we had some good TV moments... VH1, why do you toy with emotions so?

I just finished my MATH 4025 homework. It's probably not right but hey there are answers on a page. Tomorrow I have to write our statistics paper... Eh...

I'm back in St. Amant for the night. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I brought a load of crap back home for the "big move." Only 3 weeks 'til I graduate... Craziness...

Oh, and I started HP7 and am already a good 300-400 pages into it.

Main Entry: sca·tol·o·gy
Pronunciation: \ska-ˈtä-lə-jē, skə-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek skat-, skōr excrement; akin to Old English scearn dung, Latin muscerdae mouse droppings
Date: 1876
1 : interest in or treatment of obscene matters especially in literature
2 : the biologically oriented study of excrement (as for taxonomic purposes or for the determination of diet)
— scat·o·log·i·cal \ˌska-təl-ˈä-ji-kəl\ adjective

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Friday, April 24th, 2009
5:17 pm
So I babysat Lola last night for the first time. Apparently everyone on the compound had something to do, as I know I was certainly not the first choice. Luckily I didn't like have to feed or change her. After Lola's initial reluctance, it was pretty fun. I kinda love her!

Since one of the guys is quitting at the store I may offer to work for the new owner. The shift is not that long to undertake, and I need a temporary job so I can find a "real job" (again, one that uses my degree).

It's Katy's birthday today, but Idk if we're doing anything yet since all of our engineering friends (at least 4) are taking the FE exam tomorrow...
Good luck guys...

Oh, and I missed my dad's birthday yesterday... Oops!

I'm so glad next week is the last week of class!

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
Book #3 --> 3/50 = 6%
569 pages --> 1710/15000 = 11.4%

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
12:02 am - Two things made me smile today...
1. I went to the dentist (for the first time in a while). I think I have 1 cavity which isn't too big a deal considering that it's been a while... However, I laughed b/c I got a "goody bag" from the dentist that included a new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and a roll of dental floss. You know, like I was 8 or something. Still, it made me laugh and definitely brightened my day!

2. An email from LSU regarding impending budget cuts which stated this:
"Many of the best students in Louisiana have worked hard to get to LSU and have worked hard to succeed here. They’ve earned and deserve a first rate university education. They have kept their end of the deal. The state now must keep its end."
I love this b/c it implies that I received a "first-rate university education" back when the economy wasn't sucking...
I love when LSU knows that the legislature holds its financial future by the balls...

That is all...

"Thus the Mafia, or Cosa Nostra (literally, 'my toothpaste' or 'our toothpaste'), was born." - Getting Even by Woody Allen

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009
10:16 am
I've skipped more class this semester than I think I have the previous 7 semesters combined! It's kinda pathetic...
However, I don't have any tests before finals, and there's 2 weeks left of class, so I guess I should to exert some effort before my undergraduate career is over!

I'm ready to go to Europe like nobody's business. I still need to order some Euro's and try to plan a lot of what I want to see, but I'm really excited about the whole thing. I may not come back!!!

Yesterday was the Spring Game, my last official Tiger Band event. Interesting. I spent most of the game "passing down" the tricks and stuff our class has developed over the past 4 years to one of the freshmen who is my BFFFE! lol

I've been really tired lately.

I can't wait to see Angels and Demons, especially now that I've finally made it to the good part of the book that makes me want to continue reading!

... ...

"These are not parties at all but acts and demonstrations, about as spontaneous as peristalsis and as interesting as its end product." - Cannery Row - John Steinbeck

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Friday, April 10th, 2009
12:31 am
Stolen from KimiCollapse )

"Books are for those without real lives, he thought." - Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

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12:23 am - Stuff I left off of yesterday's list:
12. I have a "job" working for my parents right now; in a month, I'll have a "real job" which is not meant to be condescending, it simply means a job that uses my degree...
13. Jordan and I sing Lady GaGa's "Let's Dance" exactly the same. It's kind of amazing!

I think that's all...

"One of the principal functions of a friend is to suffer (in a milder and symbolic form) the punishments that we should like, but are unable, to inflict upon our enemies." - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

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Thursday, April 9th, 2009
12:14 am - Things discussed tonight on my outing with Jordan...
1. New Orleans is an example of an "earth fort."
2. I have my own "Natalie"!
3. our respective choices of summer blockbuster comedies
4. the word "mentee" (as in mentor - mentee)
5. "the paradox of paradoxes..."
6. Jordan's Shakespeare professor is douchier than Novak -- hence the term "Novakian"
7. lesbianism
8. retarded, slightly deformed lambs
9. Anne Geddes baby cards
10. twilight
11. "3 and 2"... (or "2 and 3")

Gallivants around AP are not healthy for Jordan or me...
but fun and amazing nonetheless!

Main Entry: equi·poise
Pronunciation: \ˈe-kwə-ˌpȯiz, ˈē-\
Function: noun
Date: 1658
1 : a state of equilibrium
2 : counterbalance

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
11:57 pm
So I really want to see that new Robert Downey, Jr./Jamie Foxx movie The Soloist.
1. cuz it's by the same director as Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, which I both really liked.
2. cuz Robert Downey, Jr.'s in it (not so much Jamie Foxx)
3. cuz it's about music...

And I 'kinda' do not want to see that new Beyonce movie Obsessed or whatever. I liked it the first time when it was Fatal Attraction.

I enjoy Spring Break, even though I don't want to go back to school for the remaining however long.

I'm le tired.

Main Entry: eti·o·late
Pronunciation: \ˈē-tē-ə-ˌlāt\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): eti·o·lat·ed; eti·o·lat·ing
Etymology: French étioler
Date: 1791
1: to bleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight
2 a: to make pale b: to deprive of natural vigor : make feeble
— eti·o·la·tion \ˌē-tē-ə-ˈlā-shən\ noun

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Saturday, April 4th, 2009
1:56 pm
The wisdom teeth surgery was a lot easier/quicker than I thought it would be. Nothing hurts too bad. My only qualm is that the pain medicine has not made me as "loopy" as I had expected/hoped!

I slept a good deal yesterday and watched some TV and read a bit of Angels and Demons, which is ok.

Right now, Hamlet is on, the Ethan Hawke version. I kinda love it.

I had way too much fun Wednesday night, and certainly paid for it Thursday morning. I ended up taking a "personal day" on Thursday. It was bad!

This was some random guy on Facebook's (he went to St. Amant, that's the only reason I added him) profile: "im really diggin' this Billy Joel guy's music..."
I found it rather comical.

Tonight, I'm going to the first installment of Reader's Theatre at ACT. No big production values, just people with scripts sitting around reading great plays, tonight's being "Anna in the Tropics." I'm interested to see the format and how it will all be presented.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for the moment that I can again eat solid food.

Have a great spring break everyone!

Main Entry: car·a·pace
Pronunciation: \ˈker-ə-ˌpās, ˈka-rə-\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Spanish carapacho
Date: 1836
1 : a bony or chitinous case or shield covering the back or part of the back of an animal (as a turtle or crab)
2 : a protective, decorative, or disguising shell {the carapace of reserve he built around himself — M. M. Mintz}

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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
9:38 pm - would that make me the new "fallout boy?"
I love that the basement of the Ag Admin Bldg. still has "Fallout Shelter" signs posted from like the 50s.

In the event of nuclear holocaust, that's honestly the first place I'm running to.

"Every qualification is raised at times by the circumstances of the moment to more than its real value..." - Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
7:57 pm
Oh, and this is my MUS 1751 assignment:
Yay for pointless easy assigments!!!

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

Now I have to compare biographies, compare my personality to Brahms, and then go listen to some of his music and talk about it...

"Listen to it carefully, her father had told her. It's what Debussy said: the magical blossoming of a tree whose leaves burst forth all at once. It was the first time, her father said, that the human voice ever entered into a symphonic creation." - Ironweed, William Kennedy

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7:44 pm
The Art & Design Bldg. little food kiosk thingy has a great buffalo chicken wrap which I had for lunch today.

In my optimization theory class today, I got so bored I took out my calculator and started playing those awful games we stole from one another in high school. I, therefore, spent the hour and a half playing roulette, bowling, poker, whak-a-mole, and entering random numbers to determine the volume of a cone and the coordinates which solved a system of equations.
Good times.

I did bomb my ACCT test today, but I'm not confident on any idea stuff. The math stuff I think I did decently on, but I have no idea about the concepts. I'm considering dropping that class since I fall asleep like everyday in that class, but then I'll only be part-time. Idk. The drop date is apparently Friday.

Whilst in NC, I read a hefty chunk of Harry Potter 6 (like 550 pages worth) and have since finished it. Loved it. I was going to read Angels and Demons next in preparation for the movie, but now I just wanna read HP7.

And I'm going to women's game tonight in the hopes that they win, and then I'll get a trip back to NC (Raleigh this time). It's been mentioned that we may whitewater raft this trip. Awesome!


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling
Book #2 --> 2/50 = 4%
652 pages --> 1141/15000 = 7.606666...%

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
11:21 pm - I guess fourth time was the charm!
I passed the first actuarial exam!!!

It's about damn time... The main thing about passing this test is that now I can send out resumes and such.
I called everyone and such, and I think my mom is more excited than I that I passed it!
One down, seven to go!

And I laughed because I've had two of the problems on two prior attempts at the test. We went to celebrate and Chili's... It was fun; I'm just sorry Kimi and Jordan couldn't come. =*(

I've also finally discovered the way to stay awake in all of my Tues-Thurs classes: I just have to skip my first one, get let out of my second class 30 minutes early and take an hour nap before my other two classes! That's all...

Headed to Greensboro, NC tomorrow for the men's basketball NCAA Tournament. Should be a fun trip. Should be an interesting trip. If we win Thurs., we are going skiing on Friday. Again, should be a fun trip, but I have some homework to do...

Anyways, just wanted to update about the test. I'm super-excited!

"LARRY: Don't tell me you haven't got a subject—every human life is a million stories... Thank God life ends—we'd never survive it." - Closer by Patrick Marber

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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
11:59 pm
I'm still alive...
I'm taking the actuarial exam next Monday, even though I have two tests and a huge-ass homework due this week...
I completely do not understand and therefore, do not like, the closing credits theme from "Frasier."

Oh, and Little Rock was fun. I made $93...

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Book #1 --> 1/50 = 2%
489 pages --> 489/15000 = 3.26%

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